35 Ultimate Photos That Are Beautiful, Touching & Expressing

Here we are, with another wonderful collection of photography. This time we want to show you 35 images which express the feeling of beautifulness ,touching and says what they want to. Follow the art work of some very fine artists and enjoy the sight of genuine feelings captured in it.
A night to remember

Alone With his regret.

Arizona, right after the dam of Lake Powell

A Funny creepy animal showing martial arts

This picture is awesome, i wish i could have this bedroom. Whenever you feel bored just jump into the pool ( cold water ) .. and make yourself hot ( on bed ) ha ha .. This picture is HQ one click to make it large

Autumn storm, its dangerous but made it beautiful. Classic timing.

Beautiful nature with sun.

Celebrate when you have achieved some great, that will give you more confidence and helps to active better goals.

A emotion is

Start your day with positive thoughts and lovely smile

Start building your children dreams and support them

Green Mist, a classic touch to your heart

Always share things that will make you heartthrob.


Always kiss when you feel to, best way to express your love.

Where ever you go, leave your shadow.

Maria, dancing queen with weird facial expression ..

Dare to achieve

New Zealand

Wow what a photography, hats off to the photographer amazing piece of timing

Pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssse .. Don’t feel shy to say please !

Sixteen cascading bodies of water called the Plitvice Lakes are divided into upper and lower basins by dams made of moss, algae and bacteria. The surrounding setting is heavily forested and home to a multitude of animal life, including brown bears, eagles and approximately 140 bird species.
In varying colors of azure, green, gray and blue, the lakes make up the Plitvice Lakes National Park, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979 for its “outstanding natural beauty.”

A beauty and the beast

Life is hard and this picture shows, He is practicing till the sun set.

Dare to defeat your mighty enemies

A Road ahead, you should know where it leads too. It may look beautiful but the path should be known.

Smoking is injurious to health, smoke has show its color, now its turn to decide

A clean nature ( snow )

A old creepy house embedded with nature, it looks beautiful from outside but from inside ? who knows ?

Handeled panorama during coming storms

Volcanic crater at Askja

You are always alone in difficult times, so be couragive and that will lead to your dreams.

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